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Brian is a native to the Nashville area. Growing up, he familiarized myself in sports by playing Baseball, Football, Track, and Martial Arts. Later, becoming a Firefighter/EMS and found the desire to help others. Driven by that passion, he started working in the medical field. Brian has experience in the Emergency Department as well as inpatient care. Taking care of people became more than just a passion. He teaches combat self defense. In the end he found an interest in Sports massage. The thought of therapeutic healing through massage really resonated with him. Brian feels honored and blessed that his journey has led me to a career in Massage Therapy. He graduated  Mind Body Institute in Oct 2019 and looking forward to providing others comfort, relaxation and relief from aches and pains. I offer Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Stretching, Cupping, Gua Sha, and teaching self- care techniques.

LMT TN #13200


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