Salt Room

How does salt therapy work?

Dry pharmaceutical grade salt is heated and then ground into very tiny micro-particles in a machine called a halogenerator. These dry micro-particles of salt are then blown into the air of the therapy room. During the 40-minute adult relaxation session & the 30-minute youth playroom session, the particles penetrate deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli. Bacteria and pollutants are dissolved as salt enters the lungs and respiratory system, eliminating mucous and opening constricted airways.

How do I receive the treatment?

In our adult salt therapy relaxation room, you will unwind in one of our lovely reclining, leather chairs while breathing in the salt air. This room has a salt feature “wow” wall and spa inspired music. You are welcome to meditate, focus on your breath, or even nap. The negative ion environment will help melt away your stress, and you will leave the session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our adult salt therapy relaxation room is for those 16 years to 116! The whimsical ocean-themed youth room is equipped with toys, books, and a fun “play box” filled with Pink Himalayan Salt where the children may actively play while receiving the treatment. Our adult salt therapy relaxation room is an electronics-free zone. Electronic devices are allowed in youth salt therapy playroom however we are not responsible for any loss or damage.

How many people are in the treatment room?

The adult salt therapy relaxation room has 10 chairs. There are two private seating areas for best friends, couples or self. Our youth salt therapy playroom has room for 5-7 children. Young children must be supervised by an accompanying adult in the youth salt therapy playroom or if your child is older in age, you may supervise outside of the playroom behind the plexiglass wall.

What should I wear to salt therapy?

Wear comfortable clothes to salt therapy, so you can kick back and truly enjoy a relaxing environment. Shoes are not permitted in the treatment rooms, so please bring clean socks.

Should salt therapy ever be avoided?

Salt therapy is not recommended for people with the following conditions:

  • Cancer or suspicion of cancer

  • Fevers

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Severe hypertension

  • Tuberculosis

Salt Room Etiquette

Always arrive 10-15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment. Check the website for appointment availability. Walk-ins are welcome but may not always be able to be accommodated. Wait in our lobby until you are be greeted by a THIRD COAST SALT host.

Sessions begin promptly on the hour. THIRD COAST SALT will admit guests before their scheduled session after completing waiver, payment, and detailed instructions if the room is available.

Once a session begins, no one will be allowed to enter or exit the salt therapy room.Do not exit the salt therapy rooms once a session has started, unless it is a true emergency.

Do not use or wear any perfumes, lotions, oils, fragrances, etc. They will interfere with the therapy.

Please keep voices low in the lobby area while treatments and sessions are being enjoyed in our wellness center.

No food is allowed in the salt therapy rooms (including sippy cups in the children’s salt therapy playroom). Bottled water & Smoothie King Smoothies are allowed in both Salt Rooms but not in Youth Salt Box.

Please empty your bladder and wash your hands and/or your child’s hands prior to your session.

Optional clean socks to wear in the therapy room. Bare feet are permitted during session.

Electronic devices (phones, iPads, iPods, smartphones, mp3 players, etc.) are not permitted in the adult salt therapy room. Ringers must be turned off while stored in cubby. Electronic devices are allowed in the playful children’s salt therapy playroom. We cannot beheld responsible for any damage the salt may cause to these devices in either salt therapy rooms.

Please dress in comfortable clothing. If you are here for a skin condition, we suggest tank tops and shorts.

The adult salt therapy room is a quiet room. Please, no talking unless it’s an emergency and assistance is required. Quiet meditation, reading, and sleeping are perfect in this relaxing environment. Please be respectful and considerate of others in shared scheduled sessions.

Do not touch the salt bricks and walls. The salt therapy room is an extremely clean and delicate environment that requires respectful behavior at all times.

In the children’s salt therapy playroom, quiet conversation is acceptable. All adult therapy room rules apply to the children’s salt therapy playroom plus the following:

Please use your inside quiet voice. Please remind your children of this.

Children 15 and under must be in the presence of an adult guardian at all times.

Play with the salt, but do not throw salt.

Please clean up toys at the end of your session


We offer 60 and 90 minute massages.  Two different pricing options listed...treatment room vs. salt room.
You'll love Crystal, Marie, Courtney & Derrick...professional, kind & therapeutic!

Scheduled Solo/Single Massages by appointment which require an hour notice if you schedule yourself online.  Take note that when available, you can add-on salt before or after your massages for only $10.  Massage pairs well with our Sweat Therapy "Sweat Pods!"

Treatment rooms:
$75 - 60 minutes
$110 - 90 minutes

*Couples Salt Massage:

$85 - 60 minutes per person

$120 - 90 minutes per person

*Will take place in the Salt Therapy Room. Salt will blow during massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.