A place to relax and heal.


Hi! I’m Shari Arnold, the Grateful Owner of THIRD COAST SALT. I’m sure that you’re as almost as curious about me as you are about THIRD COAST SALT. As long as I can remember, I’ve had an inquisitive nature about health, beauty, and skincare. Anything “fountain of youth” intrigues me! I have explored Eastern Medicine, personally tried numerous alternative treatments for both health and beauty, and traveled extensively pursuing better health, internal happiness and a bigger brain.


My fascination with health and mental sharpness dramatically increased once I became a mother. I immediately cared more for longevity when my daughter, Maggie and my son, Jack Ryman entered my universe. At the youthful age of 44, I went back to school and less than two years later, I proudly grace your presence as a Certified Health Coach and State-Licensed Esthetician.

I am your neighbor. I reside in Mount Juliet, Tennessee with my beautiful children, Maggie and Jack Ryman. I love yoga, travel, dancing, God, my church, my family, and yes, of course, my community. I’ve had incredible success in many phases of my personal and professional life, and now I want to share my knowledge with you! My journeys have brought me to a place of pure bliss and fulfillment. My life has brought me to the birth of THIRD COAST SALT.

Please take my hand and join the THIRD COAST SALT family. I am excited to service the local community by providing wellness and athletic benefits to you, my friends & neighbors. THIRD COAST SALT will accommodate everyone from young children to seniors to active triathletes. Experience the benefits of my youth or adult salt room. You can also schedule skincare, microblading, sweat therapy & massage treatments in my treatment rooms. Hey, why not do it all at THIRD COAST SALT?

Breathe, Relax & Heal with me!

Shari Arnold